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  • Flaw Detection Tests of LSAW Steel Pipe

    LSAW steel pipes have several flaw detection tests. LSAW steel pipes are now used more and more widely. According to different projects, the standards for using steel pipes are also different. Generally speaking, steel structures, piling, sewage discharge pipes, etc. There is no requirement for flaw detection of steel pipes, no need for flaw detection.
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  • Advantages of High Frequency Welded Pipe

    High-frequency welded pipes (ERW) need to go through a series of processes from raw materials to finished products. The production process flow mainly depends on the product variety. The completion of these processes requires various mechanical equipment and welding, electrical control, and testing devices. These equipment and devices are in accordance with different The technological process requires a variety of reasonable arrangements.
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  • Steel Pipe Submerged Arc Welding Process

    The submerged arc welding process(SAW) is suitable for the requirements of heavy industrial applications such as pipelines, pressure vessels and tanks, locomotive manufacturing, heavy construction, and excavation. It is suitable for industries that require high productivity, especially those involving very thick materials, and can be buried from There are many benefits obtained in the arc welding process. Its high deposition rate and walking speed have a significant impact on the productivity, efficiency and production cost of workers. This is also one of the key advantages of the submerged arc welding process. Other benefits include: Excellent chemical composition and mechanical properties, improved working environment comfort and good weld shape and weld toe line.
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  • How to Prevent Surface Decarburization of Seamless Pipe Products?

    The carbon element in the seamless steel tube (smls) has a great influence on its own performance, so when the seamless tube is decarburized, its service life will be greatly reduced, and if the surface of the seamless tube is decarburized If it is not cleaned, the hardness and wear resistance of the surface layer of the seamless pipe will be reduced, and during quenching, cracks will be formed on the surface of the workpiece due to the different volume changes of the inner and outer layers. Therefore, how to prevent the surface decarburization of seamless pipes is a problem that should be paid attention to in the production process.
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  • Use and Description of Thick-walled Steel Pipe

    At present, large-diameter thick-walled steel pipes, large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipes, small-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipes, special thick-walled steel pipes, large-diameter coiled pipes, thick-walled coiled pipes and other series of thick-walled steel pipes have been formed. It replaces the same standard imported steel pipe and is applied to hydraulic system piping.
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  • How to Conduct Non-destructive Testing for Straight Seam Steel Pipes?

    After removing the root of the weld, double-sided weldments should be inspected. When using the oxyacetylene flame to cut the welding fixture on the alloy pipe that has a tendency to harden, defects in the ground part will be found. Radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing The main targets of radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing are the butt joints of straight seam steel pipes and the butt joints of butt welded pipe fittings.
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  • How to Solve the Performance Damage of Stainless Steel Pipe?

    In order to improve the performance of stainless steel pipe (ss pipe), it is often necessary to adopt certain cold working methods, such as cold drawing, cold rolling, cold rolling, cold bending, cold expansion, cold twisting, etc., which can achieve a certain effect, but also cause a certain amount of damage. Cold working is actually like welding, which will inevitably damage the performance of stainless steel pipes, especially the corrosion resistance or heat resistance.
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  • 304 Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation

    7 steps for pickling and passivation of stainless steel pipes.
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